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Corporate Backup vs. The Rest of the World

The purpose of our blog is to help our wholesalers broaden their horizons when it comes to the marketing and selling of their software and services, however, we’re so proud of what we do that sometimes we might feel the need to plug our services. This is one of those times :)

We get a lot of inbound enquiries asking about our ‘commission structure’ for resellers. The caller is then blown away when we explain that we do not pay any commission, instead giving the reseller absolute control over what, how and when they charge their clients.

Then we go on to explain that we provide all of our marketing material, free to be rebranded and used to grow their business. Saving them the time and effort of dreaming up and designing their own material!

Once they get their head around this, we offer them:

  • Setup of a direct debit account with which to bill their customers
  • A featured position on www.australianbackupguide.com.au
  • Half a day of remote installations on their clients machines
  • Over the phone support and training
  • Help with investigating new potential markets

Plus all the normal Customer Service & Support people expect when paying for ANY service.

Our resellers can get us out of bed 24/7 for emergency assistance at no extra cost, and we’ll even get a loaded hard drive on the next available flight anywhere in the world.

If you come across another Wholesale Provider who offers all this and more, we’d like to know about it so we can improve what we do. Second best isn’t good enough, especially when it comes to protecting your clients data, and your reputation.