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Cloud Storage Has a Dirty Little Secret…

Although ‘cloud’ services are nothing new, noone can dispute the massive spike in interest among users and vendors. The industry has seen massive numbers of businesses taking advantage of revolutionary solutions, followed by massive numbers of businesses finding out that this ‘perfect solution’ has some flaws that weren’t mentioned in the sales pitch.

There are Two Big Secrets surrounding a large number of online services who offer Backup.

  1. Overseas storage at an undisclosed location means that getting a hard copy of the data after a disaster can take almost as long as downloading it
  2. In order to be seen as competitive with overseas offerings, local vendors advertise very cheap rates per GB, whilst charging for everything else as an ‘add-on’ despite the service being useless without them. ie. transferring the data to and from their data centre

All of a sudden, the automatic backup that promised to save your clients time and money won’t be available for another 5-7 working days and you just got an invoice for 5x the expected cost!

To avoid problem #1: Corporate Backup use only Australian data centres which we have access to 24/7. External drives are idling away all the time, so we can start preparing an emergency restore drive before we’ve even arrived at the centre! It is then packed up and put on the next available flight/courier to the address you specify.

To avoid problem #2: The fees laid out in our Application Forms are the only fees we charge. There are no hidden extras for things like

  • PUT, COPY, GET, POST & LIST functions
  • Manual hard drive seed/retrieval
  • Traffic charges

Do you have a client who was warned of a potential problem, but ignored your advice until ‘it happened to them’? Did you feel like saying “I told you so!” ? Well…If you’re ever caught¬†short with an overseas/ cheap local provider, don’t say we didn’t warn you :)